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Primitive Jack o Lantern w arms pattern

#1461  Primitive Jack o Lantern w arms pattern-241P
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This wonderful Jack o'Lantern  measures 8" high and 15" wide from elbow to elbow. It has deeply srculpted segments (easy).
The eyes, nose, and mouth are coffee stained muslin pieces, stitched to the pumpkin with black thread and accented with rusty bells. The hat is made of burlap. The arms are much easier than they look and the long creepy fingers are wired.
     The 13" long arms are wired to just above the elbows and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. They are securely hand stitched to the pumpkin. This is one of my favorite designs. AND YES...YOU ARE ALLOWED TO MAKE HIM TO SELL AS LONG AS YOU DO THE MAKING. I'd appreciate credit for the design.



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